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Introducing Steph Allen – The Dilapan-S Midwife

We are excited to introduce Stephanie Allen to our AGHealth team. Steph is an amazing mum of two and has worked as a midwife within the NHS for the past 10 years. During her midwifery career, Steph has developed a strong interest in adapting and improving the induction process and is passionate about working to obtain positive experiences for women. A large part of her career has been as a core member of staff on a busy antenatal ward.  Alongside this, Steph has worked on the high-risk delivery suite and as a member of a homebirth team, equipping her with a rounded and in-depth insight into issues within current practice.

“During my career, I found that current induction methods can be restrictive and ill-fitting for many cohorts of women. Having learnt about Dilapan-S, I know it offers a flexible approach to induction and can be adapted to meet the needs of these women. Having recently joined the AGHealth team, I am excited to work with likeminded midwives to find ways Dilapan-S can be used to solve issues that are individual to your unit.


My role within AGHealth is to utilise my experiences and provide midwifery knowledge, improve training and promote the best outcomes for women. I will be accessible to your staff to answer questions, provide practical support and be on hand to troubleshoot throughout the implementation process. At AGH, we’re aware that questions may arise after the initial training and introduction of Dilapan-S, but we are fully committed to continuing our support whilst units use Dilapan-S.”

 Steph will be supporting many of the current Dilapan-S users across the NHS as well as future users. We are excited to have a fantastic midwife in our team to help other clinicians master the use of Dilapan-S and obtain excellent clinical and patient results, as already seen at many Trusts. As well as ongoing support, Steph will be producing a series of IOL focussed blogs, specifically mechanical IOL, which we hope will be of interest to both midwives and doctors across the UK.

We encourage you to contact Steph and ask any questions you may have about using Dilapan-S or your overall IOL process –


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About Me

I'm Steph, the Dilapan-S product specialist and midwife. My blog will provide tips and troubleshooting with using Dilapan-S and essential skills for obstetrics and midwifery. Get in touch if you have any questions!