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Successful Implementation of Dilapan-S

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My role as Product Specialist for Dilapan-S® is to provide clinical support to trusts, which is particularly crucial during the initial phases, as well as providing ongoing customer care and training. 

I have been able to identify key actions that can make the process as streamlined as possible, helping to produce optimal outcomes and processes for the future.  Our team has also put together a flow chart (below) to show the typical stages for effective implementation of Dilapan-S.

If you are looking to commence the trial phase, or maybe adapt the organisation of current frameworks, I would like to share these with you so that you may benefit from this working knowledge.

1) Team Recruitment

Initially, we have found that having a smaller core team through the ‘Trial’ phase can be beneficial in providing focussed training, and ensuring correct processes are initially introduced.  

This team frequently consists of an Obstetric lead and midwife, and the allocation of a number of ‘Dilapan-S Champions’. Champions are typically midwives who have a keen interest in the project. 

I can work closely with these team members to ensure standardised knowledge and provide training resources to enable appropriate cascade training going forward.  

2) Collection of Audit Data

It is crucial that we can review audit data as it is collected so that we can ensure the optimised procedure is achieved. It’s helpful to allocate a dedicated member of staff to take responsibility of this and communicate with our team.  

3) Sample Training Plan for Trial Phase

  • Virtual session to include core team, discuss specific training needs and devise individualised training plan. 
  • In-person training session to provide training presentation, Q&A session, and model for practical element prior to commencing trial. 
  • Subsequent visit at start of trial – (number of days dependent on size of trust and sites to cover), to offer hands-on, bedside support. 
  • Communication with our team throughout trial phase – sharing audit data and clinical guidance.  

4) Competency Assessment

We have devised a competency assessment that will provide certification of Dilapan-S competency. We suggest that trained staff complete this assessment before using Dilapan-S and/or training others with the method.  

We will collect responses to monitor the team’s understanding of Dilapan-S which will highlight if further training is needed in a particular area. 

We recommend that around 80% or more staff complete the competency assessment prior to the implementation of Dilapan-S to ensure standardised practice. 

Moving forward to introduce Dilapan-S as standard procedure, expansion of training is required, so we will support clinicians to commence cascade training, whilst continuing to be available for clinical advice and troubleshooting.  

5) Sample Training Plan for Progression to Full Implementation

  • Utilisation of training resources such as recorded presentation, recorded insertion guide and competency assessment to support cascade training.  
  • Microsoft Teams sessions made available to present to larger number of midwives/doctors. Aim for max 15 participants to allow participation.  
  • Further in person bedside support and training (again number of days dependent on staff figures etc).  
  • Train the trainer session to be undertaken with the ‘Dilapan-S Champions’. Presentation to be sent with notes.  
  • 1-2 monthly re caps with all customers to ensure kept up to date – through Dilapan-S champions. 
  • Can be available to attend update days going forward to reach as many staff as possible.


6) Timeframe

    The time frame for the completion of the trial can vary considerably based on various factors, such as if it is used frontline or on specific cohorts only, number of insertions required for audit and birth rate in the trust. However, our team are always at hand to make it as streamlined as possible and have various resources available to assist with the process. We can also adapt or create additional resources on request.
Dilapan Training Kit

7) Training Model

Alongside the training resource package, we can also arrange a training model which can be helpful to support clinicians feel more confident with insertion technique. This can be included in a certain size order or can be arranged for a loan period if available. 

Implementation of Dilapan-S Stages

Implementation of Dilapan-S

Please contact myself or one of my team if you have any questions or would like to discuss Dilapan-S implementation and training for your trust. My contact details are: 


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