Combines adhesion prevention and haemostasis

Effective adhesion reduction

Improved patient outcome

Rapid haemostasis

Cost effective

✔︎ 2 in 1 function

✔︎ CE certified

✔︎ >90% Adhesion Reduction1

✔︎ Instant haemostasis2-5

✔︎ Easy application6

✔︎ High safety profile7

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What is 4DryField® PH?

  • 4DryField® PH is the first CE certified device which innovatively combines haemostasis with adhesion prevention. It can be used in a wide range of surgeries, but has been well studied in gynaecology, minimising adhesions following abdomino-pelvic surgery – see clinical findings here.
  • 4DryField® PH is made up of sterile hydrophilic microparticles, manufactured from highly purified starch of plant-based origin. 4DryField® PH contains no components whatsoever of animal or human origin, it is biocompatible, absorbable, pyrogen-free, and hypoallergenic.
  • Therefore, 4DryField® PH meets the stringent requirements for a Class III medical device. There are no known side effects. 

Mode of Action

As a powder haemostat:     4DryField® PH is applied directly to area of bleeding and absorbs water from the blood. This increases the relative concentration of coagulation factors, resulting in safe and immediate haemostasis. Even with a 50% dilution of the blood, the coagulum induced by 4DryField® PH shows excellent stability2.

As a gel adhesion barrier:     When saline solution is applied, 4DryField® PH transforms into a viscous gel due to its molecular properties. This acts as a mechanical barrier, separating adjacent tissues, minimising the formation of fibrinous connections and creating optimal conditions for healing without adhesion formation. The gel barrier is absorbed by the body over 7 days, prolonging time for healing.

Adhesion prevention after ablation of ovarian cyst

Adhesion prevention after ablation of ovarian cyst

Adhesion prevention after repeated adhesiolysis

Why should you use an adhesion barrier?


The most common cause of adhesions is from abdomino-pelvic surgery causing peritoneal injury8 and it’s estimated that >93% of patients will develop postoperative adhesions with varying severity following transperitoneal surgery9.

For patients adhesions often cause chronic or recurrent pain, infertility, intestinal obstruction, dyspareunia, and transit disorders10. The risk of postoperative adhesion complications dramatically increases depending on the number and severity of previous operations. Evidence suggests that surgery with adhesiolysis is associated with higher patient morbidity and mortality compared to patients with no previous abdominal surgery11.

In the clinical setting, postoperative adhesions are associated with readmissions, increased hospital stay, higher costs, and a heavier workload12-14. Adhesions can hinder minimally invasive procedures and prolong operating times for adhesiolysis12,13. In obstetrics, adhesions often form following caesarean delivery (CD)15. The number of previous CDs and adhesion severity correlates with significant delays in subsequent CDs16.

Clinical benefits of using 4DryField® PH

Proven adhesion reduction

  • Multiple second-look laparoscopy studies have demonstrated that 4DryField® PH is highly effective at preventing adhesion formation in a range of cases4-6,17,18.
  • Both as a premixed gel and as in-situ made gel, 4DryField® PH achieved the highest adhesion prevention effectiveness (93%) compared to Seprafilm® (53.5%), Interceed® (3.7%), Adept® (16.1%) and controls. 4DryField® PH also had no limitations concerning mode of application or compatibility1.

Proven haemostasis

  • Application of 4DryField® PH significantly increases the speed of coagulation and clot firmness, even in diluted blood2.
  • 4DryField® PH achieves immediate haemostasis in diffuse bleeding3-5
  • Achieving fast haemostasis of diffuse bleeding after endometrioma stripping, the use of 4DryField® PH avoided coagulation which could reduce tissue destruction and preserve postoperative ovarian function4
Adhesion Reduction Effectiveness: Comparison of 4DryField® PH with other adhesion barriers1 

4DryField® PH clotting speed vs controls2

High doses of 4DryField® PH of up to 1.1g/kg of body weight are well tolerated7
Easy to apply and efficient. “Combining haemostasis and adhesion prevention… is intriguing and of practical value”6
Not cytotoxic7

Does not enhance viability of tumour cells7

Excellent tolerability7

Cost effectiveness

4DryField® PH provides both direct and indirect cost savings due to its rapid action and excellent adhesion reduction properties.

Direct cost savings:

  • As an adhesion barrier, 4DryField® PH has a lower upfront cost than any other adhesion barrier on the market.
  • 4DryField® PH is also a cost-effective device with 2 functions in 1 application.


Indirect cost savings:

  • By effectively minimising the formation of postoperative adhesions, there may be fewer readmissions and repeat surgeries and may reduce operating times in future surgeries12,16.
  • Improved patient outcomes may further reduce costs associated with medication or secondary infertility.
  • 4DryField® PH contributes to operative efficiency and may reduce theatre costs.

Product information

  • Available in different sizes: 3g and 5g
  • Also available, 4DFLapTM is a single use applicator for manual administration of 4DryField® PH in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery.
  • Storage: Room temperature, not exposed to extreme temperatures. Use promptly after opening the application. Used non-sterile product must be disposed of. 4DryField® PH has a shelf life of 5 years.

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