AmniSure ROM Test - Rupture of Fetal Membranes test

The most accurate test for confirmation of ROM. Helping you get it right first time

For the detection of PAMG-1 in amniotic fluid found in vaginal discharge of pregnant women

99% sensitive and 98% specific to support accuracy of negative and positive ROM clinical results.

No gestational age limit

Not affected by urine, semen, vaginal infections or trace amounts of blood

Advanced Global Health is the exclusive UK distributor of AmniSure.

Why would you use a less accurate test ?

Your answer can impact two lives. Evaluate PROM Confidently with AmniSure.

Easy and Fast

✔︎ Results in 5 minutes or less.
✔︎ No special equipment or training needed.
✔︎ Wide gestational age between 20-37 weeks.
✔︎ Not affected by urine, semen, infections or trace amount of blood


The only ROM test with 99% predictive values

How do other bio-markers compare ?
Other currently available biomarker tests, such as those based on IGFBP-1, have a lower sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing suspected rupture of membranes.

AmniSure Publications and References

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Cost Benefits

Do you know the cost of over treatment and unnecessary admissions incurred by using less accurate tests ?

We offer a simple cost benefit assessment, showing easily quantifiable savings to your hospital/clinic. Send us your annual births and we will prepare a clear report demonstrating potential savings.

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