Cozy CubTM

Neurodevelopmental Positioning Aid

For clinical use only
Cozy Cub boundary

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The Cozy Cub is a pellet-filled boundary that is very helpful for bigger babies or those with special positioning needs. The small internal pellets are smooth and feel silky. Unlike more formed boundaries, the Cozy Cub can get into nooks and crannies to provide support exactly where it is needed and provides greater support and sense of containment compared to traditional blanket rolls.

Developed originally for ECMO and post-surgical patients, the Cozy Cub can be used for preemies under bili-lights, babies who are agitated, or any baby who just needs a little ‘more’ support or containment.

Benefits of the Cozy CubTM

  • Provides containment while allowing full visualisation, making it ideal for the ECMO, cardiac or surgical infants
  • Allows immediate access to the infant in emergencies
  • Loop at one end helps the caregiver adjust the device to fit any size baby
  • Useful for patients with unique or critical positioning needs
  • Easily adaptable for use with medical equipment
  • Capable of providing calming flexion during transport
  • Packaged with a soft cotton cover which can be laundered (Replacement cotton covers and disposable covers available).
  • Fabric cover is breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Now in 2 sizes:
S 40″ long, 5.5″ wide, 3.5lbs
L 48″ long, 5.5″ wide, 6lbs 
Cozy Cub boundary
Cozy Cub Baby

Consider using the Cozy Cub and Dandle WRAP Stretch together to provide 360º sensory input, additional containment to mimic intrauterine conditions, whilst providing full visualisation and immediate access to the infant. View the Dandle WRAP Stretch here.

Traditional Blanket Rolls vs the Cozy CubTM

As shown in the pictures below, the Cozy Cub boundary is much more robust than the blanket roll, offering more support to the shoulders as well as providing a surface that the baby can brace his/her feet against, promoting healthier musculoskeletal development in the legs while keeping the hips in good alignment.
The orange loop at the top of the Cozy Cub keeps the boundary sturdily in place, even with active or fussy babies.

cozy cub vs blanket roll

Supporting underneath the shoulders, the Cozy Cub brings the arms toward the midline of the body. This helps facilitate a position that is more similar to the position in the womb, which is naturally calming to babies.

cozy cub vs blanket roll

Cozy Cub

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