DandleLION Gel-filled Pillows


Positioning Aid

For clinical use only

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DandleLION soft gel-filled pillows are designed to provide a comfortable cushion to meet the support needs of micro-preemie, preemie, and full-term infants.

Gel pillows (or gel-filled mattresses) alleviate pressure on bony premises, subsequently reducing the risk of pressure and skin injuries. Gel pillows can help minimise frequent re-positioning and make immobilised babies more comfortable. They can be used as a mattress for very low birthweight babies and their flexibility is useful to create a prone roll for bigger babies. The thicker paediatric Gel Pillows come in three sizes: 6” x 7” and 6” x 10” 8″ x 13″ and are effective with older immobilised babies and children.

The pillows are made from soft, DEHP free polyethylene film that does not react with the gel fill. The pillow covers are made of soft printed cotton (or white cotton for the larger size) and can be washed and reused. The fabric is moisture wicking which facilitates temperature regulation.

The gel is a non-toxic, water-based food gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

    • Single patient use (unless hospital validates their own cleaning process)
    • Guaranteed for at least six months
    • Guaranteed mould resistant
    • DEHP- and BPA-free, and not made with natural latex rubber
    • Replacement covers are also available

      The Gel pillows come in 8 sizes:

      • 6” x 3” – 5/8” thick
      • 6” x 6” – 5/8” thick
      • 6” x 9” – 5/8” thick
      • 6” x 11” – 5/8” thick
      • 6” x 12” – 5/8” thick
      • 6” x 7” – 3/4” thick
      • 6” x 10” – 3/4” thick
      • 8″ x 13″ – 1″ thick (white covers)

      Dandle ROO2TM

      DandleLION gel pillows have also been designed to fit the Dandle ROO2TM. The 6”x9” pillows fits size XS, the 6”x11” fits the Small and the 6” x 12” fits the Medium Dandle ROO2TM. When used inside the ROO2TM, the pillow is supporting the baby from the buttocks to the top of the head.

      The Dandle ROO2TM provides 360º proprioceptive input and optimises opportunities for preterm infants to be contained in a flexed, midline position with the ability to move and return to flexion. View the Dandle ROO2TM here.

      Dandle WRAP Stretch

      Dandle WRAPTM Stretch

      Dandle PAL

      Dandle PALTM

      Cozy Cub

      Cozy CubTM

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