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What is Dilapan-S®?


Dilapan-S® is a small dilator which helps soften and open (‘dilate’) your cervix to prepare you for your labour induciton in a gentle and natural way. The dilators are inserted into your cervix which grow in size over 12 hours.

This mechanical dilation involves no drugs or artificial hormones allowing safer, predictable and efficient cervical dilation. Because Dilapan-S® does not contain any pharmacological substances, the risk of hyperstimulation and fetal distress during the cervical ripening phase is low.

Dilapan-S® is also used for outpatients inductions so you may be able to go home whilst Dilapan-S® is in place.


Ask your doctor or midwife at your next appointment to find out if your hospital offers Dilapan-S®.


How does Dilapan-S® work?


The Dilapan-S® dilators are made of a firm gel which attracts water when they are in your cervix, so they gradually increase in size. The expanding dilators also help your body release natural hormones to further prepare you for labour.

The thin 4 mm rod can expand up to 15 mm over 12-24 hours. This allows it to gently dilate and soften the cervix. Usually a set of 3–5 dilators are used to ripen your cervix sufficiently and make you ready for your labour.

  • Non-pharmaceutical, gentle and predictable
  • Safe for all inductions, including women that have had a previous caesarean section
  • Reduced risk of hyperstimulation (excessive womb contractions)
  • Suitable option for outpatient inductions
  • Dilators are latex-free and contain no animal product
  • Option for outpatient induction if your hospital allows
  • Can be used whether it is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd induction
Dilapan dilators 12


Why can’t I just be started on an oxytocin infusion to get my contractions going?
It’s best not to start you on an oxytocin infusion (a medicine which helps start your contractions) until your cervix is ready, otherwise you’re more likely to need a caesarean.
Can I have Dilapan–S if I am a higher risk pregnancy or if I have had a previous caesarean section?
Yes. Having no pharmacological content, Dilapan-S® has minimal limitations related to medical conditions. It can be used in pre-term, term, and post-term pregnancies, as well as in mothers with systemic disease such as hypertension, diabetes, etc. It is also suitable for mothers with previous Caesarean section. Cervical ripening is usually gentle and gradual and will not cause your womb to over-contract or cause your baby to get distressed. Dilapan-S® should not be used only if you currently have any clinically apparent genital tract infection.
What can or can’t I do with DILAPAN-S inserted?
You can do most of your daily activities while DILAPAN-S is in place, including showering, going to the bathroom, and even get some sleep! You will need to avoid bathing and sexual intercourse. If you have any excessive bleeding, pain, or other concerns please report it to your clinician immediately. You may experience some contractions whilst DILAPAN-S is in place. Under no circumstances should you try to remove DILAPAN-S yourself.
How will Dilapan–S be inserted? How does it feel?
DILAPAN-S is inserted into your cervix during a vaginal examination – this will only take a few minutes. Insertion of DILAPAN-S can be slightly uncomfortable but usually it is well tolerated, and pain relief is rarely needed. Because it expands gently, most people are comfortable throughout their DILAPAN-S induction. You may have some minor bleeding, but this is normal and shouldn’t be a concern.
When will Dilapan–S be removed and what occurs after the removal?
DILAPAN-S should be removed within 12–24 hours, but it may be removed sooner if your labour begins. Your clinician will perform a vaginal examination, remove DILAPAN-S, and assess your cervix. If your cervix is ready, your hospital’s induction protocol will be followed. A small minority may need a 2nd round of DILAPAN-S or another induction method.
Does my hospital offer Dilapan-S®?
There are several methods of inductions and different hospitals use different methods. Dilapan-S® is becoming more popular as as safe, predictable and cost effective way to dilate the cervix.
Ask your doctor or midwife at your next appointment to find out if Dilapan-S® is something your hospital offers.
If you have more questions, please ask your doctor or midwife

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