DILAPAN-S®is an osmotic cervical dilator used in obstetrics and gyneacology.

Sufficiently prepared birth canal is an important prerequisite for a successful vaginal delivery, cervical dilation precedes many instrumentations of the uterine cavity, it enables easier embryo transferduring assisted reproductionand facilitates insertion or removal of intrauterine device.

All of these procedures can be supported by DILAPAN-S®.

Advanced Global Health is the exclusive UK distributor of Dilapan-S.


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Mode of Action

The rigid hygroscopic rod absorbs fluids in the uterine cervical canal, gradually increases its volume and dilates the cervix.

After 4 to 6 hours, the 3 mm rod will have expanded to 8.3–10 mm and the 4 mm rod up to 10–12.5 mm.

Simultaneously, Dilapan-S initiates endogenous prostaglandinrelease causing collagen degradation and ripening of the cervix.

Patented hydrogel AQUACRYL guarantees consistency and predictability of action. It contains no pharmaceutically active substances that would be released during its application.

Key benefits of Dilapan–S®in preinduction of labor:

  • ⇒ Significant increase in cervical ripening and Bishop Score, which allows for the initiation of labor induction
    ⇒ Minimal risk of uterine hyper-stimulation and impact on the fetal heart rate
    ⇒ Effective and safe for women with Caesarian section in medical history
    ⇒ No pharmacological side effects
    ⇒ Very high patient acceptability
    ⇒ Effectiveness in nursing time due to its one-time application (prostaglandins usually require multiple administrations)
    ⇒ Cost-effectiveness in comparison to other methods

Publications and References

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