DILAPAN-S®is an osmotic cervical dilator used in obstetrics and gynaecology.

In obstetrics, a sufficiently ripened cervix is an important prerequisite for a successful vaginal delivery. DILAPAN-S® effectively and gently dilates the cervix in 12 hours prior to induction.

In gynaecology, osmotic cervical dilation is recommended for surgical termination of pregnancy (between 14+0 and 23+6 weeks) in the NICE Guidelines (NG140). Cervical preparation with DILAPAN-S® also enables easier embryo transfer during assisted reproduction and facilitates other procedures (e.g, hysteroscopy) which require access to the intrauterine cavity for insertion and removal of devices. DILAPAN-S® is available in a range of sizes for different procedures.

All of these procedures can be supported by DILAPAN-S®

Cervical ripening prior to induction of labour
Embryo Transfer
Termination of Pregnancy
Other gynaecological procedures (e.g, hysteroscopy)

Dilapan-S rods are individually packaged, sterilised and stored at room temperature.

Advanced Global Health is the exclusive UK distributor of Dilapan-S.

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Induce patients at home

During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is vital to increase outpatient services. Dilapan-S is both safe and practical to use for outpatient inductions as rods can be inserted in the evening for patients to return home overnight before being induced in the morning. This reduces hospital exposure for vulnerable pregnant women.

Mode of Action

The rigid hygroscopic rod absorbs fluid from the cervical canal tissue to gradually increase in volume and dilate the cervix.

After 4 to 6 hours, the 3 mm rod will have expanded to 8.3–10 mm and the 4 mm rod up to 10–12.5 mm.

Simultaneously, Dilapan-S stimulates endogenous prostaglandin release causing collagen degradation and ripening of the cervix.

Patented hydrogel AQUACRYL guarantees its consistent and predictable action. It contains no pharmacologically active substance.

Key benefits of Dilapan–S® for preinduction of labor:

  • Significant increase in cervical ripening and Bishop Score, allowing the initiation of labor induction
    Minimal risk of uterine hyperstimulation and impact on fetal heart rate
    Effective and safe for women with a previous caesarian section
    No pharmacological side effects and no prescription required
    Very high patient acceptability and excellent patient satisfaction.
    Effectiveness in nursing time due to its one-time application (prostaglandins usually require multiple administrations)

  • Ideal for outpatient inductions for cervical ripening overnight
    Cost-effective compared to other methods

Publications and References

The safety and efficacy of Dilapan-S is demonstrated in numerous clinical studies and recent hospital audits.

Links to all references and publications

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