Dandle®LION Crown Cradle

The Crown Cradle may reduce the potential impact to the infant’s head by redistributing contact pressure, supporting the cranium, and providing a pathway for more symmetrical skull growth. It helps the bedside caregiver to confidently developmentally position the baby, provide appropriate alignment of the spine, and support the developing brain and skull.

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Dandle®LION Crown Cradle


  • Is a non-invasive, non-restrictive orthotic device that supports development of an infant’s natural head shape
  • Relieves pressure on the occiput, allowing cranial development without the impact of negative external forces
  • Comes with three parts:
    • A specialized mattress with a cloth cover
    • Four removable foam inserts that grow with the baby’s head
    • A ‘plug’ that fills the hole when baby is prone
  • Comes in two sizes:
    • Small – babies less than 1800 g. with foam insert sizes 1-4
    • Large – babies 1800-3600 g. with foam insert sizes 5-8
  • Positions the infant at a 4 degree incline
  • Supports midline positioning during the first 72 hours with additional support from  the DandlePAL or Cozy Cub
  • Promotes physiologic flexion, containment, and midline positioning and helps promote proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine.
  • Can be used during x-ray and MRI

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