Dandle®LION Gel Pillows

DandleLION gel pillows are available in nine sizes and two thicknesses, designed to meet a wide range of clinical needs for patients in the NICU, PICU, and beyond.

Our ⅝ inch thick neonatal gel pillows can be used to optimize babies’ position within any of our positioning aids. Our fuller, ⅞ inch thick pediatric gel pillows are ideal for use as a protective measure to pad bony prominences and reduce pressure on the skin.

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    Dandle®LION Gel Pillows

    • DEHP-free, BPA-free polyethylene bag made without natural latex rubber
    • Water-based food grade gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth and guaranteed mold resistant
    • Pillow covers available in a white or printed cotton that can be washed and reused or a white disposable material
    • Single patient use (unless hospital validates their own cleaning process)
    • 6 neonatal sizes that can be used as a cushion, a mattress for micro-preemies or folded to make a prone roll
    • 3 thicker pediatric sizes are effective for larger immobilized babies and children

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    AGHealth are the exclusive distributors of DandleLION in the UK. All products can be purchased directly through AGHealth. 

    If you would like to place an order, have a query, or require more information on any products in our portfolio, please contact a member of our team today. 


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    We provide a range of materials to enhance your knowledge and proficiency with our neonatal products. Access informative videos, tutorials, and product guides designed to assist healthcare professionals, enabling you to deliver the best care possible for your tiniest patients.

    You may also contact a member of our team to request any additional resources you feel would be helpful for your specific trust.


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