Dandle® Polly Pal

Polly PAL, little sister to the Dandle PAL, is a small, weighted boundary that supports positioning of NICU babies and their equipment.  The familiar design has been improved with longer ‘legs’, increasing Polly’s utility in providing positioning support.

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    Dandle® Polly Pal

      • Filled with tiny plastic micro discs, giving it a silky feel
      • DEHP-free, BPA-free, not made with natural latex rubber
      • May be used in a myriad of ways, including:
        • Around the head to encourage midline positioning
        • Supporting respiratory equipment or other medical tubing
        • Behind the back when baby is side-lying
        • As a “second set of hands” to provide comfort during care time
        • Anywhere the baby needs a little more comfort or support
      • Washable and reusable between patients

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