Dandle® ROO2

The circumferential support of the Dandle ROO2 contains preterm infants in a womb-like, flexed, midline position while providing proprioceptive feedback and allowing free movement and recoil. This robust positioning aid supports babies in a manner that decreases stress and agitation and promotes sleep, the formation of healthy neuronal pathways, and the proper development of the musculoskeletal and motor systems.

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    Dandle® ROO2

    • Comforts with soft, high performance fabric that is breathable, moisture-wicking, and highly absorbent
    • Meets all 5 Key Tenets of Neurodevelopmentally Supportive Positioning™
    • Provides support that is responsive to movement
    • Provides proprioceptive input via complete circumferential support
    • Supports midline alignment of the head, neck and extremities
    • Promotes hip flexion and a posterior pelvic tilt with use of the multi-purpose roll
    • Decreases motor stress and increases opportunities for self-comfort and sleep
    • Adapts for use with a wide range of medical conditions and equipment

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