77% lower bladder leakage with Efemia Bladder Support

Don't leak when you laugh, sneeze, run...

Efemia Bladder Support

For women with stress urinary incontinence

What is Efemia Bladder Support? 

Efemia Bladder Support is a reusable and cost effective device which you insert in the vagina to reduce or prevent bladder leakage caused by Stress Urinary Incontinence, without the need for surgery. Efemia Bladder Support was designed by urogynaecology experts, so it’s shape and function provides an optimum solution which has been clinically proven to reduce urine leakage by 77%. 83% of women found Efemia Bladder Support improved their everyday lives. It’s soft and flexible design makes it comfortable and easy to insert and remove on your own. 

What is a vaginal insert? 

A pessary or vaginal insert is a prosthetic device that is inserted into the vagina which supports its internal structure. They’re often used for women that have urinary incontinence or a vaginal or pelvic organ prolapse. Usually pessaries are inserted by a medical professional, but Efemia is  designed so you can easily insert and remove it in private, in the comfort of your own home.  Efemia Bladder Support is made from a soft silicone.

How does it work?

Efemia Bladder Support mimics common surgical solutions, without the surgery! It is worn in the vagina similar to a tampon. When pressure is placed on the bladder, the urethra will be lightly pushed against the support rings of the Efemia device. This gently bends the urethra (you won’t feel this) which prevents or reduces accidental leaks. You can still go to the toilet as normal.

Finding the right size

You can choose between three different sizes for the support rings: 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm. We offer a starter pack with all three, so that you can try them out in the comfort of your own home. In order to find the right size, it’s best to start with the smallest size and continue from there. If that doesn’t work for you, go up a size. If the smallest size does work for you, it can be a good idea to try a larger size to compare. Smaller doesn’t always mean more comfortable. 

How do I use it?

Efemia Bladder Support is inserted into the vagina until the support rings are completely through the vaginal opening and the handle sits tight against the body. The labia should then cover the handle with the longer part facing backwards. Efemia’s shape ensures correct positioning in the vagina. 

 The Efemia Bladder Support can be reused for up to 16 hours per day, every day for three months. After that we recommend that you replace it with a new one to ensure it continues to be effective. Or, you can use it for shorter periods of time on occasions where you expect to leak due to stress urinary incontinence (e.g, exercising, when you have a cold, or going to a comedy show!). The Efemia Bladder Support must not be used when pregnant. 

Why choose the Efemia Bladder Support?

Stops or reduces leaks, rather than just absorbing them like pads.

Do more and worry less. Improve your quality of life with Efemia Bladder Support.

Choose the reusable and eco-friendly option.

Keep annual costs down by switching to a reusable device.

It’s discreet- manage bladder leaks in privacy and comfort. Your secret is safe with Efemia Bladder Support.

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 “Efemia is incredible! I have always been really active and for a long time looked for a solution to stop leaking when I run. Efemia has been great. I wear it each time I run and I barely notice it is there” – Jessica, London.

“The product is easy to use, certainly not more of a hassle than using a tampon. Since I started using the Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to. I insert it in the morning, then remove and clean it in the evening, no more limited living” – Kerstin, 54.

“Thanks to the device I can run again. Extremely grateful” – User feedback, QOL study 2019. 

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“No matter how many kegels I did, I couldn’t get back in control… Since I started using Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to” 

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