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We have teamed up with comedian and pelvic physiotherapist Elaine Miller who is spreading the word that it’s okay to have a leaky bladder, but you don’t need to live with it! See her educational videos and articles below to learn about your pelvic health and get to grips with your exercises.


 “The problem is not that women leak, the problem is that they don’t know help is available” 

How and why do you do pelvic floor exercises? Read more.

Why is it more important than ever to keep exercising? Read more.

Learn about your bladder health here. Read more.

What’s poo got to do with it? Find out here. Read more.

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How do you train your pelvic floor?!

Elaine Miller

Women know they should be doing their pelvic floor exercises. Still, most of us are not confident about how to do them correctly.It helps if you understand what a pelvic floor is and what it does.2


“It’s important to keep moving”

Elaine Miller

If you start a new exercise class, the fitness professional will ask if anyone has any injuries. Most of us would happily raise our hand and share that we have a wrist or knee injury to the group – but, what if you have a vaginal prolapse or leak when you jump?…


Let’s talk about bladders

Elaine Miller

We want people to understand how their bladder works, things which might help and where to seek help because if your bladder isn’t doing what you need it to do it, we know it impacts on your wellbeing…


What’s poo got to do with it?  – Let’s talk about bowels

Elaine Miller

Bowel health and pelvic floors are linked. Lots of women who come to clinic for help with urinary incontinence are constipated. Of course, most of us feel awkward talking about poo, which means that many of us don’t know what normal is!


Introducing Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller Pelvis Physiotherapist and comedianElaine Miller pelvic physiotherapist and comedian

The Efemia Bladder Support team has partnered with the very talented Elaine Miller, a successful physiotherapist and stand-up comedian. Over the coming few weeks Elaine will be introducing women to the following key topics relating to incontinence through short videos and articles.

Elaine started her career as a sports physio in Edinburgh but following three kids, a sneeze and an uninvited wee, Elaine’s career changed to focus on women’s health, in particular pelvic floor dysfunction.

Elaine now combines her excellent pelvic floor knowledge with comedy to educate women about the problem and encourage them to realise they don’t need to live with it. Elaine has an incredible talent of bringing a group of women into a room, telling socially awkward jokes about continence and getting them talking and laughing about their own problems. Given that one in three women have incontinence, she hopes to educate and support as many women as possible.

The Efemia Team have partnered with Elaine to provide short educational and comical videos to increase awareness of the problem and encourage more conversations. We hope this will enable women to understand their bodies in more detail and learn how they can improve their pelvic floor function.


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Elaine Miller, Physiotherapist of @GussetGrips

Extra Resources

Learn more about SUI and how you can manage it:

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 “Efemia is incredible! I have always been really active and for a long time looked for a solution to stop leaking when I run. Efemia has been great. I wear it each time I run and I barely notice it is there” – Jessica, London.

“The product is easy to use, certainly not more of a hassle than using a tampon. Since I started using the Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to. I insert it in the morning, then remove and clean it in the evening, no more limited living” – Kerstin, 54.

“Thanks to the device I can run again. Extremely grateful” – User feedback, QOL study 2019. 

Read Kerstin’s story

“Now I want to share that solution with others.”

“No matter how many kegels I did, I couldn’t get back in control… Since I started using Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to”