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Efemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit


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Efemia Bladder Support




Using the Efemia bladder support for the first time? Unsure about your size? The starter kit has all three sizes (with a privacy pouch). Everyone is different so it’s best to try all three sizes to find your best fit.

If you’re replacing your Efemia device, you can also choose an individual size.

 Both options come with a privacy pouch and   discreet packaging for delivery.

"I was always concerned about how much I spent on products for incontinence, but with Efemia it costs less than 70 pence per day. I could go without my morning coffee to have a solution for my incontinence". Sarah, 43.

"I used pads for many years but I was always frustrated that I had to keep purchasing them each week. After being introduced to Efemia by a friend, I found that Efemia is not only more effective, but also more affordable over time and better for the environment." Hayley, 49

Stops or reduces leaks

Do more, worry less

Reusable and eco-friendly

Cost effective