Price Drop

Up to 40% Reduction

83% of women agree that Efemia Bladder Support eases their everyday lives

Price Drop

Up to 40% Reduction

Laugh, exercise, sneeze... without leaking

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Covid-19 Price Reduction

In these challenging times, AGHealth are offering a 40% price reduction on Efemia Bladder Support whilst GP appointments are virtual and non-urgent health clinics are restricted during the national lockdown.

Price offer ends on April 12th 2021.

Using a reusable device is better value for money and better for the environment than single-use disposable products (pads and other pessaries). The daily cost of Efemia is only 43p per day. The average cup of coffee costs £2.50!

What is included?

  • All 3 sizes in a starter pack, or choose an individual size if you know which fits best.
  • User guide (how to insert, use and clean your device).
  • Privacy pouch
  • Discrete delivery

Efemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit

The Starter Kit contains all three sizes (S- 30mm, M- 35mm and L- 40mm) to find your best fit. We recommend new users try the Starter Kit first.

Limited Price Offer | 40% Discount | Ends 12th April!

£74.70 £44.00

157 in stock

Efemia Bladder Support

Know your size? Choose from the options below (S- 30mm, M- 35mm or L- 40mm). The sizes differ by the diameter of the support rings.

Limited Price Offer | 30% Discount | Ends 12th April!

£57.50 £39.00


Wondering about sizes?

Using the Efemia bladder support for the first time? Unsure about your size? The starter kit has all three sizes (with a privacy pouch). Everyone is different so it’s best to try all three sizes to find your best fit.

If you’re replacing your Efemia device, you can also choose an individual size.

 Both options come with a privacy pouch and   discreet packaging for delivery.

"It's surprisingly easy to insert with a bit of water. When I inserted it as high as possible (handle still outside) it worked better!"

Grace, 59.

"I used pads for many years but I was always frustrated that I had to keep replacing them all day and buying so many. A friend told me about Efemia and it's definitely works to reduce leaks, but the other benefits of it being more affordable and convenient is so helpful."laie,

Claire, 60

Stops or reduces leaks

Do more, worry less

Reusable and eco-friendly

Cost effective