83% of women agree that Efemia Bladder Support eases their everyday lives

Jonasson, A. et al. (2021) Advances in Urology

Laugh, exercise, sneeze... without leaking

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A reusable incontinence product like Efemia is better value for money and better for the environment than single-use disposable products (pads and other pessaries).

What is included?
3 sizes (S, M, L) in a Starter Set.
Instructions for using your Efemia Bladder Support and a privacy pouch

Because Efemia only needs replacing every 3 months, when you think about its daily cost, it’s only  54p per day, where as an average cup of coffee is £2.50!

New to Efemia?

Efemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit

The Starter Kit contains all three sizes (S- 30mm, M- 35mm and L- 40mm) to find your best fit. We recommend new users try the Starter Kit first.


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Know your size?

Efemia Bladder Support

Know your size? Choose from the options below (S- 30mm, M- 35mm or L- 40mm). The sizes differ by the diameter of the support rings.



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  1. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    It is not an exaggeration to say this has changed my life! Previously I was using Tena pants and never felt safe and having to change several times a day I am regaining confidence and my life. they were a bit of a fiddle to start with but now they are so easy to use

    Efemia Bladder Support - Starter KitEfemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit

  2. Olivia (Verified Customer)

    Changed my life around – I can now run again ! So pleased why are the GP ‘s not giving us this option?!!

    Efemia Bladder Support - Starter KitEfemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit

  3. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Works but tricky to be insert and therefore not always comfortable

    Efemia Bladder Support - Starter KitEfemia Bladder Support – Starter Kit

  4. Sandra (Verified Customer)

    After having an extended hysterectomy several years ago and trying exercises for bladder control nothing I tried was working in fact it was getting worse, I was wearing the thickest pads I could find and was always using toilets whenever I saw them so I knew I would not have an accident. But now I have my life back, I can go anywhere and do not have to worry, in fact I have been walking so far and for so long I have actually lost weight. It is so wonderful to be able to go out for the day and not have to carry a great big handbag just for extra pads. Would say give them a try you will not regret it I promise.

    Efemia Bladder SupportEfemia Bladder Support

  5. Rita Skinner (Verified Customer)

    This has changed my life considerable since using could not do without it works wonders Thank you

    Efemia Bladder SupportEfemia Bladder Support

Wondering about sizes?

Using the Efemia bladder support for the first time? The starter kit has all three sizes.

Everyone is different so we suggest you try all three sizes and allow yourself time to get used to the size, comfort and effectiveness of each size to find which suits you best.

If you’re replacing your Efemia device, you can also choose an individual size.

 Both options come with a privacy pouch and discreet packaging for delivery.

Stops or reduces leaks

Do more, worry less

Reusable and eco-friendly

Cost effective