“No matter how many kegels I did, I couldn’t get back in control… Since I started using Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to”


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Amazing product that enables me to exercise, ride horses, sneeze, cough & trip up without leaking! Without doing research online & stumbling across this, no clinician had ever mentioned such things existed! Obviously leaking isn’t normal and should be addressed with surgery when kegels just don’t work BUT this is a fantastic life changing little thing. I did find that it hurt to take out if I hadn’t inserted it properly or used a gel, and it took a bit of practice to get the right size and position but worth it if you can do it. I can wear nice undies again!”. Julie, UK. 

“It’s been a miracle for me. Please tell all women.” – Mrs Skinner, 80, England

Mrs Skinner had been struggling with SUI for 20 years. She was taking daily medication and considered surgery to help, but decided against it. Her bladder leakage was impacting her family life and well being, as she felt she couldn’t join in with holiday activities or go on long walks with her daughter. Mrs Skinner kindly got in touch to provide feedback about how pleased she was to find Efemia after trying so many options, and how it instantly improved her lifestyle, enabling her to join her daughter on long walks and be more active.

Mrs Skinner repeated how “it’s been a miracle” for her and “all women should know about this”.  

“The product is easy to use, certainly not more of a hassle than using a tampon. Since I started using the Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to. I insert it in the morning, then remove and clean it in the evening, no more limited living”. Kerstin, 54, Sweden. 

“Efemia is incredible! I have always been really active and for a long time looked for a solution to stop leaking when I run. The device has been great. I wear it each time I run and I barely notice it is there.” Jessica, 29, London. 

“I’m a mum of 2 and I want to lose weight but it’s not that easy when I leak. I’ve tried various things so I feel more confident when I exercise. I didn’t like bulky pads as I always had to carry a few around to change every few hours, and I felt like I was wearing a nappy when I tried the pants. I was surprised at how soft the efemia device is, so it’s actually really easy to insert with a bit of water. When you insert it properly you don’t notice it after a while, kind of like wearing an oddly shaped tampon! I love that it’s really discrete and reusable- much more convenient so I’m happy and more confident!”   Hannah, Oxford. 

“Thanks to the device I can run again. Extremely grateful”, User feedback, Efemia Bladder Support, Impact on quality of life study, 2019

I’m a mother of one and have been wearing pads for several years during exercise and they are usually soaked afterwards. Since using my Efemia insert, I have not leaked at all. It is easy to fit and very comfortable.” Sophie, Kent. 

I have had 4 children and suffer from stress incontinence from sneezing, laughing, coughing etc. I bought the starter pack and found the large size fitted best. It was more comfortable than I thought it would be – you don’t notice it when properly and fully inserted. It left me feeling more confident when at work which is where I feel most concerned about embarrassment from leaking. It didn’t cause any chaffing or irritation, and was easy to remove and clean”. Claire, 59, Gloucestershire 

 “Surprisingly easy to use and with the best result!” User feedback, Efemia Bladder Support, Impact on quality of life study, 2019  

“I have only used it during training and then it has worked perfectly” User feedback, EfemiaBladder Support, Impact on quality of life study, 2019

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“No matter how many kegels I did, I couldn’t get back in control… Since I started using Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to” 

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