83% of women agree that Efemia Bladder Support eases their everyday lives

Why choose Efemia Bladder Support?

Cost effective

Unlike other stress urinary incontinence products, Efemia Bladder Support is highly cost effective.  Each Efemia insert can be used for 3 months and up to 16 hours a day.  When you break the cost down, Efemia Bladder Support only costs 63 pence per day! The average over the counter coffee costs £2.95…

Reduce or stop leaks

Efemia Bladder Support is clinically proven to reduce leaks due to stress urinary incontinence (SUI). It is designed by medical experts to mimic a type of surgery to treat SUI, without the surgery! Whereas disposable pads just absorb urine and odour, so they need binning and changing every few hours.

Reusable and eco-friendly

Efemia Bladder Support is reusable! You can use it on occasions you expect to leak or use it for up to 16 hours a day (wash and reuse when required!). It lasts for 3 months, making it better value for money but also more eco-friendly. Disposables fill up landfill as they will need binning every few hours for pads and everyday for disposable inserts.

Compare with disposable pads and pessaries

Clinical study

  • Women who used Efemia Bladder Support had 77% lower bladder leakage compared to women who only used pads
  • 85% thought Efemia Bladder Support was easy to use 

    (Ref TVS1000)

Quality of life study

  • 75% reported an improved quality of life
  • 82% would recommend Efemia Bladder Support to a friend or colleague 

    (Ref TVS2000)

User survey

  • 84% found Efemia Bladder Support helped reduce their bladder leakage
  • 91% would recommend Efemia Bladder Support to a friend

    (Ref TVS3000)

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 “Efemia is incredible! I have always been really active and for a long time looked for a solution to stop leaking when I run. Efemia has been great. I wear it each time I run and I barely notice it is there” – Jessica, London.

“The product is easy to use, certainly not more of a hassle than using a tampon. Since I started using the Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to. I insert it in the morning, then remove and clean it in the evening, no more limited living” – Kerstin, 54.

“Thanks to the device I can run again. Extremely grateful” – User feedback, QOL study 2019. 

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“No matter how many kegels I did, I couldn’t get back in control… Since I started using Efemia, I’ve stopped worrying like I used to” 

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