Episcissors-60 Reduces the Risk of Injuries

Preventing avoidable harm by eliminating human error…




Episcissors-60 are intended to be used by midwives or obstetricians trained in the mediolateral episiotomy technique, and can be used in secondary care midwifery and obstetric units, primary care midwifery units or birth centres, as well as during home births.

Episcissors-60 are simple to use surgical scissors, which guide an accurate mediolateral episiotomy at 60 degrees, thereby removing human error in estimating episiotomy angles during childbirth..

Fulfilling the Royal College recommendation:

“Where episiotomy is indicated, the mediolateral technique is recommended, with careful attention to ensure that the angle is 60 degrees away from the midline when the perineum is distended”

How good is current clinical practice in achieving the SAFE ZONE?
  • > The current clinical practice is to ‘eyeball’ the required episiotomy angle.
Does eyeballing have a place in modern medicine ?
  • > Breast surgeons mark using tape measures and callipers for reconstructive surgery after cancer
  • > Orthopedic surgeons use callipers and tools to measure angles while fitting implants and prostheses
  • > Ultrasonographers measure lengths and dimensions with cursors.
  • > Pathologists use machines to calculate dimensions rather than eyeball.

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