Our neonatal range provides evidence-based products, thoughtfully designed by clinicians for their tiniest patients to support them from admission to discharge.

By delivering products that are safe, practical, and versatile, we strive to make the treatment journey easier and more effective for patients, parents, and their carers.


The NeoTech range is tailored to the specialist needs of younger patients, with ease of use in mind. Their products offer maximal support, whilst maintaining efficacy and practicality. Their patented NeoFoam fabric and NeoBond adhesive are designed to protect delicate skin, whilst achieving long-term durability and comfort.


NeoBond® adhesive is made from hydrocolloid, a biodegradable, breathable surface ideal for gentle adhesion to delicate infant skin. Our range of NeoBond® products offer carefully tailored solutions with flaps that can open and close repeatedly without the need for separation from the skin. The adhesive is also transparent for maximal visibility.


NeoFoam® is durable, breathable and moisture wicking, but above all, beautifully soft. It is designed for the ultimate comfort and care in mind for the most delicate and sensitive of skin. NeoFoam helps to minimise the risk of redness or sores, whilst also reducing any unwanted movement or slipping across baby’s skin.

Tailored Fit

Precise fit of respiratory interfaces and accessories is crucial to maximise comfort, performance, and minimise the risk of pressure sores. As younger patients have delicate skin and ever-changing facial contours, our products are designed to offer as much versatility as you need to enable a tailored fit. We supply a broad range of sizes with adjustable features where appropriate, and thoughtful design to care for little ones’ skin.


The DandleLION range is designed by clinicians to provide quality, evidence-based care to meet infant’s physiologicaland neurodevelopmental needs. The innovative product designs combined with the special DandleLION fabric ensures that infants are safe, comfortable and supported in the optimal position for neurodevelopment and rest.

All products come in DandleLION’s special high-performance fabric which is soft, breathable and moisture wicking to provide comfort, help protect babies’ skin and facilitate temperature regulation. The fabric has 3-way stretch which enables the infant to move and return to a flexed position.

Perfect Positioning

DandleLION offers a diverse range of positioning aids created to support the specialised and ever-changing needs of growing patients. DandleLION products are usable alongside each other for perfectly tailored utility, each one designed to support a specific range of clinical needs. Whether your patient requires CPAP, phototherapy, tubing access or has other treatment requirements, DandleLION positioning aids are created to support them.

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