RAM Cannula®

RAM Cannula


• Short, fold-resistant tubes for optimal pressures and flows
• Available in 7 colour coded sizes
• 15 mm oxygen tubing adapter
• O2 adapter allows transition from NCAP to O2, between high/low flows without replacement
• Free from latex, plasticiser & DEHP
• Individually packaged
• For use with low/high flow humidified      oxygen

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Nasal oxygen cannula

Suitable for use from birth and throughout childhood, the RAM cannula allows administration of CPAP, PPV, IMV and continuous O2, without occluding the nostrils. Its non-invasive nature and soft, gently curved prongs allow for high pressures, while maximising comfort with even the smallest, most delicate nostrils. Available in 7 sizes, the RAM cannula allows for developmentally appropriate positioning to optimise fit and minimise pressure sores.

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