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Improving women’s health through innovation

Innovating Women’s Healthcare

AGH is owned by three shareholders that are dedicated to improving women’s healthcare across the globe. With more than 40 years of experience combined, the shareholders have a proven track record of launching and driving sales of innovative products across multiple healthcare sectors. Alongside the management team, AGH’s success to date can be attributed to a gifted sales team that works closely with all of the NHS obstetrics and gynaecology units throughout the UK. 

The team has developed close relationships with key opinion leaders, OBGYN consultants, midwives and procurement teams. These relationships combined with advanced knowledge of priming markets, early-stage sales, guideline development and wide-scale adoption of innovative products has made AGH a market leader in women’s health device sales and a go to partner for obstetrics and gynaecology innovators. 

Our team also loves to travel so what better way to spend time together outside of work than annual company retreats. Last year, we kicked off the tradition with a trip to Budapest.

The AGH team knows that success cannot be achieved without hard work but we also recognise that to maintain success the work environment needs to be fun and the team needs to gel.

More than Sales

 Unlike many large medical distributors, AGH doesn’t just expect its sales team to simply sell products in particular regions in the UK. Alongside day-to-day sales, the AGH team has a proven track record of:  

  • Developing UK clinical studies to prime markets, enabling the successful launch and rapid adoption of products.
  • Developing advanced marketing strategies for lead generation, customer service and continual market development.
  • Guidance and support with product adoption in key clinical guidelines.
  • The inclusion of products on innovative initiatives/programs that enable rapid product uptake.
  • Providing additional support for clinician’s where required.

Quality not quantity

We do not believe larger product portfolios can drive company growth in a sustainable and effective manner. AGH is highly selective over the products it chooses to sell. We believe in doing things properly and never including a product in our portfolio that does not receive the focus it deserves. That’s why AGH only works with products that we know can truly make a difference to clinician’s, women’s and children’s lives and will subsequently drive our team to sell every day. 

We sell market leading products including the AmniSure® Rupture Of Membrane test, PartoSure® Preterm Labour test, Dilapan-S® Osmotic Dilator, Efemia Bladder Support and 4DryField® PH. We are excited to have also just taken on the DandleLIONTM Neonatal product range and the new Lumella® GlyFN Test for Pre-eclampsia.  See our product pages for more information.

Partner with us

Like you, we are passionate about what we do. We’re constantly looking to improve our product portfolio to offer the highest quality devices to support women’s health services.  

Are you a manufacturer/patent holder with an innovative idea or device you would like to launch?

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