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New Lumella® GlyFN Pre-eclampsia Test

We are excited to launch the Lumella® GlyFN point-of-care test, used to accurately and rapidly assess the risk of pre-eclampsia. Easy finger prick sample and no lab required for results in 10 mins. See our press release here.

New Neonatal Product Line

We are excited to be the new UK distributors of the DandleLION and Tarry Medical product range providing neonatal and paediatric units with innovative positioning devices to optimise newborn’s care and development. Go to Neonatal Products.

Introducing The Dilapan-S Midwife Blog

Steph Allen, our product specialist midwife, is keen to provide clinical and educational support for your maternity unit, to introduce and optimise Dilapan-S usage and the overall IOL process. See Steph’s blog here and get in touch.

Innovating Women’s and Newborn’s Health

We identify, launch and sell leading obstetric, gynaecology and neonatal products that improve secondary care for the clinician and the patient. As well as being selective over our high-quality product portfolio, we pride ourselves on our clinical knowledge and excellent customer service, offering clinical support and advice when and where we can.

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Our Products



The hydroscopic cervical dilator for safe, gentle and effective cervical ripening prior to induction of labour.


Rapid and reliable diagnostic test for premature rupture of membranes. 99% accurate.


Rapid and reliable predictive test to assess the risk of preterm birth – a major diagnostic challenge, until now.

Lumella® GlyFN Test

Rapid and reliable point-of-care test to assess the risk of pre-eclampsia. Finger prick sample and results in 10 mins.



A single medical device that combines effective adhesion prevention and haemostasis in one application.


For effective cervical preparation to facilitate intrauterine access in gynaecology procedures.


Cozy Cub

Cozy Cub boundary

Soft pellet-filled boundary for positioning support and full access to caregivers.

DandleLION Gel-filled Pillows

DandleLION Gel Pillow

Relieves pressure as a mattress or pillow. Soft, absorbant & breathable fabric. 

Dandle WRAP Stretch

Dandle WRAP Stretch

Promotes correct alignment, allows flexion and provides calming 360º sensory input.

Dandle ROO2


Promotes correct alignment, allows flexion and provides calming 360º sensory input.

Dandle PAL

Dandle PAL

Two pouches to provides individualised and stable positioning.

Our News

Updated NICE Guideline (Inducing labour) endorses use of osmotic dilators (DILAPAN-S)

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of Dilapan-S in the latest NICE Guideline for IOL.

Neonatal Product Range Launch

We are excited to be the new exclusive UK distributors of the DandleLION and Tarry Medical neonatal care products.

Introducing Steph Allen


We are so pleased to have Steph on the Dilapan-S team as a product specialist midwife to further support maternity units.

Introducing the Lumella GlyFN Test

We are excited to launch the New Lumella® GlyFN Rapid Point-of-Care test. Lumella® is used to accurately assess the risk of Pre-eclampsia.

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