>90% first time ripening success

Safe and gentle

12 hour dilation

Excellent patient comfort

Cost effective

What is Dilapan-S®?

Dilapan-S® is a hygroscopic osmotic dilator made from patented Aquacryl® hydrogel which guarantees predictable action. 4-5 Dilapan-S® dilators are inserted in the cervical canal for 12 hours to safely and sufficiently dilate the cervix and increase the Bishop Score prior to induction of labour. Dilapan-S® has been shown to have >90% success rate1 and 70-75% vaginal delivery rate2,3 and excellent patient satisfaction1,6.

Mode of action

Dilapan-S® does not contain any pharmacological substances. The hydrogel dilators absorb fluid from the cervical canal tissue, gradually increasing in size over 12 hours.  Typically, 4-5 dilators are placed into the cervix for IOL.

The solely mechanical dilation allows safe, predictable and efficient preparation of the cervix prior to labour, with low risk of hyperstimulation and fetal distress.


Osmotic dehydration of cervix leads to softening and change in consistency of the cervical tissue


Expanding dilators exert radial pressure against the wall of the cervical canal causing gradual dilatation of the cervix


Continuous pressure stimulates the release of endogenous prostaglandins leading to effacement of the cervix

       New clinical data

Clinical Benefits

  • Cervical ripening success rate in first round: 89.4%1
  • High vaginal delivery rate2,3: 70% – 75%
  • No uterine hyperstimulation or fetal distress during cervical ripening2-5
  • No infection complications reported
  • OXY administration is required in c80%

Excellent rate of patient satisfaction6

  • 94% evaluated Dilapan-S insertion as fully acceptable
  • 90% stated they could relax during cervical ripening period
  • 79% stated they could sleep during cervical ripening period
  • Significantly better patient satisfaction compared to other mechanical methods, shown in a recent RCT1

Product information 

  • Dilapan-S® is supplied in boxes of 25 dilators.
  • Product code DS000-4X55 for IOL.
  • Dilapan-S® rods are supplied sterile and individually packaged.
  • The device is manufactured in an ISO 13485 Certified facility and is CE Certified under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). Dilapan is also FDA approved.

Available to purchase directly via AGHealth or via NHSSC.


Cost Effectiveness

Based on list prices, Dilapan-S® has been a more cost effective option for the majority of NHS hospitals that have switched to using Dilapan-S® in their inductions. Features that make Dilapan-S® a cost effective option include;

  • Reduced repeated rounds of ripening
    The SOLVE trial showed Dilapan-S® has a 10% higher 1st round success rate vs. dinoprostone vaginal insert7.  
  • High efficacy
    Vaginal delivery rate is comparable to prostaglandins with higher 1st round success7,8
  • Enhanced safety
    The non-pharmacaological mode of action of Dilapan-S® minimises the risk of hyperstimulation with NRFHR, meaning staff spend significantly less time monitoring and administering pain relief. A 2022 study showed staff spend 2.4hours less time per patient per induction vs. dinoprostone vaginal insert9.
  • Increased opportunity for outpatient inductions
    Dilapan-S®’ favourable safety profile enables more patients to be induced at home. A large Essex maternity unit increased their outpatient inductions from 8% to 39% after introducing Dilapan-S®10. The HOMECARE trial showed using Dilapan-S® for outpatient IOL saves 11% of hospital spending vs. inpatient IOL11.

Watch the midwife-led IOL video below to find out how Dilapan-S® offered savings of £200,000+ p/a for a london maternity unit.

Other uses of Dilapan-S®

Dilapan-S® also has a range of uses in gynaecology where cervical dilation is required. For example, osmotic cervical dilation is recommended for surgical termination of pregnancy (between 14+0 and 23+6 weeks) in the NICE Guidelines (NG140). Cervical preparation with Dilapan-S® also enables easier embryo transfer during assisted reproduction and facilitates other procedures (e.g, hysteroscopy) which require access to the intrauterine cavity for insertion and removal of devices. Dilapan-S® is available in a range of sizes for different procedures.

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